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Celebrating the U.S. Independence Day together! 🗽 DISCOUNT -15% when buying Tokens!

Dear members!


In honor of the U.S. Independence Day we're having a GRAND CAMPAIGN on RusBaby! 🗽


During four days - from 2 to 5 July - you will be able to buy the most popular Token packages with a discount -15%!


Buy Tokens at a SPECIAL PRICE and celebrate the holiday in the company of beautiful RusBaby models!


P.S. Each registered member can benefit from the discount 5 whole times! 😮




Dear members!

Meet a sensational novelty available EXCLUSIVELY on RusBaby!

In cooperation with Lovense we present you an interactive feature VIBE WITH ME, which will enable you to get even closer to your favorite model! 🤩

Thanks to VIBE WITH ME you can sync the model’s sex toys with yours, so both of you can feel the same vibrations!


Models who have activated the new feature can be EASILY found by a special icon and #Vibe with Me hashtag on the home page.

Try VIBE WITH ME - take your sensations to a new level and get even closer to your favorite model! 💓


Announcing the HOT winners from the Bikini Photo Contest

Dear friends, this summer has been hotter than ever and we can certainly blame it on our recent bikini photo contest! 🔥

Between June 15th and 28th, the marvelous models have been decorating our feeds using the hashtag #BongaBikini2021 and igniting the summer heat in the most enchanting ways possible! 


As promised, we are announcing the long awaited results and featuring models with the most captivating looks! Additionally, we also have ONE fan-favourite winner as well!


Let’s check them out:


🎁 Funny_Bunny: First place – 2000 Tokens

🎁 Amoramias: Second place – 1500 Tokens

🎁 FemdomHeels: Third place – 1000 Tokens




🎁 Amoramias: Fan-Favourite Prize – 2000 Tokens 


We would like to thank everyone who has participated in this contest and congratulate the winners! Thanks to them, our summer has gotten A LOT HOTTER! 😉 Please stay tuned for more interesting contests in the near future! ✨ 




Dear members!


We have FABULOUS NEWS for you!


Very soon we start our 7-day interactive show program Vibe with Me! 💥


Daily from 02.07 to 08.07 there will be shows on RusBaby, during which you'll be able to synchronize your sex toy with the hottest models' Lovense! 😉


Vibe with Me interactive feature will allow you to feel exactly the same vibrations as the model!


Enjoy watching the show and take your sensations to a whole new level!


P.S. Interactive shows will be displayed on top of the homepage listing.
If you don't have the sex toy yet, you can buy it here. 👈


Vibe with Me Show Program


02.07.2021 - 17:00 ( GMT+3 ) Catch_Me
02.07.2021 - 19:00 ( GMT+3 ) Taanni
02.07.2021 - 21:00 ( GMT+3 ) KotLoveKisa
02.07.2021 - 23:00 ( GMT+3 ) DiodoraDi
02.07.2021 - 23:00 ( GMT+3 ) Candy48
03.07.2021 - 21:00 ( GMT+3 ) DissolvedGirl
04.07.2021 - 19:00 ( GMT+3 ) Nasty_bimbo
04.07.2021 - 20:00 ( GMT+3 ) Channel_Olala
05.07.2021 - 21:00 ( GMT+3 ) MeriLovely
06.07.2021 - 21:00 ( GMT+3 ) Loveisens
06.07.2021 - 22:00 ( GMT+3 ) Mina-Babe
07.07.2021 - 22:00 ( GMT+3 ) SallyeLeins
08.07.2021 - 22:00 ( GMT+3 ) _Liliya_Rey_


Congratulations to the brilliant winners of the TOP contests!

Dear friends, let's start the week with bright victories and hot emotions! It's always incredibly joyful and thrilling to find out who took the first places in the TOP contests! Who do you think managed to make a special impression on everyone? Check it out, maybe these are your favorite models who became the lucky winners today! So, meet the incomparable leaders of the week!

-ivy- | Top 100 of North America and Western Europe

Kassablanca | International Top 100

-TwiXXX- | Top 50 couples

xMissAngelTsx | Top 10 guys and transsexuals

Terrific! We congratulate the champions with the brilliant results and look forward to their new mesmerizing shows! Keep on enjoying the broadcasts of fabulous models and getting charged with their fiery energy! We'll know the names of the new leaders next Monday already!


Meet awesome leaders of the week!

Dear friends, we are happy to welcome everyone who follows the results of the weekly TOP contests! June is in full swing, and it's getting far hotter on RusBaby in the company of our fascinating models! Live communication, spectacular shows and endless fun - all this creates an incredible atmosphere on the site, and right now we are ready to announce the names of the great leaders of the week!

-ivy- | Queen of Queens of North America and Western Europe

MaxineDi | International Queen of Queens contest

-KOSHKii- | Top 50 couples

Zai4ik28rus | Top 10 guys and transsexuals

We congratulate the champions with the glorious victory and wish you all a great mood! Summer promises to be really bright and fiery! Continue to enjoy every moment and have maximum pleasure from communication with hot RusBaby models!


Unbeatable leaders of the week!

Dear friends, we continue enjoying summer together with RusBaby' gorgeous models! Their fantastically hot shows give incredible emotions and add even more bright colors to every single day! Ready to find out which of the dazzling models became the winners of the TOP contests by the end of the week?

-ivy- | Queen of Queens of North America and Western Europe

Catch_Me | International Queen of Queens contest

SEX-THREESOME | Top 50 couples

sweetboiss | TOP-10 guys and transsexuals

Yay! We sincerely congratulate the champions with the victory and already anticipate their new shows! Don't forget to support your favorites - spend your summer in the company of charming models and enjoy hot communication on RusBaby!


EURO 2020 ⚽ ALREADY HERE! Catch -15% DISCOUNT and score your goals!

Dear members!

We have great news for you!


In honor of the launch of the long-awaited European Football Championship EURO 2020 RusBaby is having a HUGE CAMPAIGN! ⚽


During three days – from 11 to 13 June – you'll be able to buy the most popular Token packages at a -15% DISCOUNT!


Shop for Tokens and score your goals in the company of RusBaby charming models!


P.S. The discount is valid only once.



Greetings to the delightful winners of the TOP contests!

Dear friends, it's time to get charged with positive emotions together with RusBaby’ brightest models! Who do you think managed to take the first positions last week? Let's right now find out the names of the incomparable leaders, whose broadcasts attracted maximum viewers! So, it's time to announce the results of the TOP contests.

-ivy- | Queen of Queens of North America and Western Europe

kistochkaa | Queen of Queens International Contest

-KOSHKii- | Top 50 couples

bodyamid | Top 10 guys and transsexuals

Terrific! We congratulate the champions with a brilliant victory and wish them to always achieve their goals!
There are many unforgettable shows ahead of us - enjoy the exciting communication and support your favorite models all week long!


Celebrating the arrival of summer with the winners of the TOP contests!

Dear friends, get ready to welcome the hottest season of the year together with RusBaby’ best models! Today we are happy to welcome the charming winners of the TOP contests, whose brilliant shows never fail to stir the imagination! Let's find out right now who took the top spots this week and gave us the brightest impressions!

ItalianDream_ | Queen of Queens of North America and Western Europe

Kristi-21 | International Queen of Queens contest

SEX-THREESOME | Top 50 couples

_Forbidden_ | Top 10 guys and transsexuals

Congratulations to the winners on their dizzying success! The summer is coming, which means there are unbelievably hot broadcasts, unforgettable emotions and pleasant communication ahead of us! Every time the models come up with something special for you and next Monday we'll know which one of them will win your affection!